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Caskiddy Kids Club
from 3 to 12 years old

More than just a traditional Kids Club, Caskiddy offers an adventure around the world. At Caskiddy our younger guest, ages 3 to 12, explore an enchanted world of story-telling, fun activities and sports, whilst learning about recycling and ecology.

Weekly schedule full of fun activities
Together they will learn how to make objects from recycled materials, study the surrounding fauna and flora and learn more about the Portuguese history in a fun and entertaining way. With activities ranging from "make your own mask" to pool games, Caskiddy has a weekly schedule of daily activities for our younger guests, always under complimentary professional supervision during opening times, for Easter holidays and Summer.

The Caskiddy area comprises the indoor playroom, a green outdoor area, playground with a pirate ship ready to be climbed

Easter and Summer Opening Times
Every day from 9am to 6pm
Closes for lunch from 1pm to 2pm
Attending Caskiddy Kids Club is free of charge for guests.

Out of our peak family holidays, the Caskiddy playground is open without adult supervision. Parents or tutors are fully responsible for their children’s use of Caskiddy equipments. The hotel cannot be hold responsible for any occurance that may take place.

Without Leaving the Resort

  • Football Academy

    Football-mad lovers this is for you. The Cascade Arena - where international teams played during winter - is open for Easter, May and summer training camps. From 5 to 15-year-old. Registration required.

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  • Games & Tenis

    Are you the competitive type? Get ready for table tennis, football table or snooker. Tenis lovers are also covered, hit the court with family or a private coach.

  • Swimming

    Three swimming pools (one in the hotel central area, another in the apartments area and the third one in the spa). Plus 2 children’s pools. The sand bottom pool is perfect to build sand castles.

  • Bedtime Story

    Knights and maidens, dragons, quests, unicorns and enchanted worlds. Bedtime stories are all about magic, imagination and blissful sweet dreams.

    For hotels and restaurant guests only.
    On Mondays

  • Movie Night

    Look how grown up they are! Their own movie night without leaving the resort. On Wednesdays be ready for movies and popcorns.

    For hotels and restaurant guests only.
    On Wednesdays

  • Cascade Mini Chef

    Curiosity and imagination the only two ingredients needed to have a cupcake decoration masterclass full of fun.

    For hotel guests only
    On Saturdays.

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